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Caribbean Connection is owned and operated by Marla McWilliams-Lopez, who has practiced real estate as a top producer in California, Washington, Idaho and Montana.


After decades of providing clients with exceptional real estate services as well as acquiring land and rental properties, Marla shifted from sales and service in the Pacific Northwest to real estate development in the Caribbean. Living and working near the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribe during the winters is a lifelong dream come true for Marla and her family.  

Caribbean Connection referral service was created to connect you with the best Caribbean real estate agents. The need to connect expats with agents became apparent when Marla struggled to sift through the difficulties of purchasing properties in the Caribbean.  You’ll be shocked to discover that Caribbean agents have no licensing requirements and there is no MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Navigating not only the unique purchasing process, attorneys, language barriers and paperwork, but most importantly, locating the proper people for YOUR specific needs can be a difficult and devastatingly costly experience without proper guidance.  Therefore, after meeting, networking and interviewing agents, Caribbean Connection was born!  We have a network of professional, seasoned and responsive agents throughout the Caribbean.  Best part for you, the service is FREE!

Marla gained extensive knowledge surrounding the intricacies of real estate transactions through her experiences of buying & developing properties in the Caribbean. Due to the distinctiveness of each island/country, it is crucial to have a dependable agent assisting you.


Caribbean Connection was formed to connect you with a safe agent, making your discovery mission and ultimate purchase as seamless as possible.


CLICK HERE to get connected for FREE!

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